It is a paradigm shift, even a cultural one, for Riccardo Fazio, who frees BLUM’s cuisine from exclusively territorial references. Everything starts from the encounter with an ingredient, a flavor that remains present and calls for a pairing, to which he dedicates months of experimentation, study, and research. Here, the exceptional raw material remains the protagonist but is accompanied by the courage to dare, without following conventions or trends, instead developing a unique and personal idea. “Almost an obsession,” as he describes it, which in his work becomes a constant search for balance within complexity. The aesthetic is minimal, giving the illusion of being easily decipherable, but when tasted, it always manages to surprise.


“My cuisine is based on the suggestions or hints induced by the study of the raw materials I use in the kitchen. Suggestion does not act on rational circuits, but figuratively enters from below – from a low that avoids our analysis and then ascends to the heart and mind. We must doubt the suggestions that tend to confuse reality, but we cannot be skeptical of what nature suggests to us to be naturally beautiful and good.”

Riccardo Fazio



The unique dishes of our cuisine, led by our Executive Chef Riccardo Fazio.